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R2D2 - Star Wars - Medicom Toy RAH
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by Hadi
1 stars
2014-07-01 04:09:37
I love these arlcties. How many words can a wordsmith smith?
by Chingiz
6 stars
2013-04-08 09:39:53
Medicom looks good but I also have lost my faith in them. I picked up my Jack Sparrow and SNAP his thigh broke. I took out a brand new Wolverine X-men firgue and SNAP his ankle broke. Spidey form the movie...brittle wrists broke into tiny pieces. I just wish they would address these issues and put out a better product that is more durable.(I think the Chinese sell them crappy plastic just because!) ha ha ha!
by Jimfanai
6 stars
2012-10-15 03:26:42
norah has one of those and we can't wait to use it at her one year photos and beynod. she loves to drag it around right now but still is having trouble holding it up to her face because it's kind of heavy!
by Ella
4 stars
2012-10-15 02:55:31
_/a_I'm secretly very pleaesd that someone is worried about the Fish-man. The sound effect problem will be resolved in the collectible trade paperback I hope an equally merry Christmas was had by you and your family and that you're getting a bit of quality time going!! Reply_/a_
by Auth
9 stars
2012-10-15 02:52:09
_/a_I'm not exactly sure but I think it arievrd right after christmas..I didn't check my post well enough around christmas because I was racing from work to bed to my parents place, to christmas drink 1, 2 and 3 it was just crazy.I've read the prologue, it's promesing. Reply_/a_
by Chinky
9 stars
2012-10-15 02:35:06
_/a_That's no problem at all, did it airrve before Christmas or just after? It's not a bad read actually I just had way too many copies.And you are right, we have established that the Fish-man was indeed tearing up the markets as well as impacting the small businesses around the markets. Good catch there! Reply_/a_
by Aza
4 stars
2012-10-15 02:32:36
_/a_Abe recover? Abe?! I feel for that poor fish-man! I mean who is Abe to call him holrrbie, huh? I mean, Abe hardly knows the fish-man, after all. Jeezum!Also, I really like the non-standard panel configuration. It works really well. No sound effect for the fish slap? Get out an old Don Martin book And a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. I wonder if Santa has an alternate secret base at the South Pole Reply_/a_
by DaanyeLa
5 stars
2012-10-15 01:14:10
Literary Feline- They sure can be expensive. I'd love to get one of the ones that go right up to the ceinlig someday, but I think we'll need a bigger place first. BooksPlease- Jiro is so easy, he'll play with anything. Bailey's always a bit pickier. He'll get bored of toys much quicker so he's much harder to keep amused.Nymeth- Thanks! A couple of days later and they're still having fun with it.Andi- LOL! Jiro was curled up sleeping in it yesterday. It was very cute! :)Les- LOL! H laughed at you....
by Melisa
4 stars
2012-10-15 00:41:24
The Soviet Union developed its own style of Abstraction in its viausl art, especially after Glasnost. While Russia was largely cut off from the west, and under an authoritarian government, it still managed to develop a unique modern art style, the acme of which seems to be their graphic design.
by Blondy
5 stars
2012-10-13 18:33:35
This info is the cat's pajaams!
by Enes
9 stars
2012-10-13 08:59:05
This one is really tircky, you need to get the timing just right.When you swing your lightsaber, you should hear the sort of shuung' sound it gives. When you hear this press x again, which will make you swing again when you hear the shuung' sound for the second time press x again,and when you hear the sound again, press x again. You should see a sort of sparks coming off of your lightsaber. Do this 20 times and you should have the achievement, hope that helped!
by Nggus
4 stars
2012-10-13 03:40:12
Haha the memories. I got to see Star Wars in a theetar in Akadem Gorodok outside Novosibirsk in late March/early April, 1991, during a student exchange. It was awesome, it was the only movie I remember seeing that had dubbing for all the voices, instead of a depressing baritone reading the script. Even quality offerings like Back to the Future part III were the depressing guy. The only movies I remember seeing in the theetars at all were American like Josh Brolin's 1986 mega-blockbuster Thrashin....
by Emil
8 stars
2012-05-29 21:12:51
Hahaha it's weird, but I also felt bad when that happened mulilpte times right through the review. At least Mark had fun and enjoyed the action facts which the sender intended. But yeah
by Raj
4 stars
2012-05-29 14:46:21
This is going to be awesome, can't wait for this to come out. And they did it right too, start it from the very biinnnegg. Are you getting any promotional tickets? It would be awesome to give one away to a loyal ready / commenter like myself. HAHA.
by Oscar
9 stars
2012-03-13 12:53:49
I\'m trying to find out if there is any way to have a inmcog soon page on a single page without changing the existing theme, but so it looks really cool like the many ones you\'ve reviewed here.
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