Medicom Toy R2D2 Action Figure Feature
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R2D2 - Star Wars - Medicom Toy RAH

Medicom R2D2 Pop Up Center Leg

Medicom Toy R2D2 Star Wars RAH Action Figure Feature

Medicom R2D2 can appear as two legs or three legs. You just need to push the bottom part of R2D2, then the center leg pop up. You can hear a clicking sound when the leg is full pull out and locked. To stand like a tripod, you just need to adjust the angles of the legs, and enjoy the rolling of R2D2.

Star Wars Medicom R2D2 Two legs Medicom Star Wars R2D2 Pop Up center leg 1 Star Wars Medicom R2D2 Pop Up center leg 2 Medicom R2D2 Star Wars Pop Up center leg 3 Medicom Star Wars R2D2 three legs

Medicom Toy R2D2 LED light Up Feature

Medicom Toy R2D2 Star Wars RAH Action Figure Feature
Star Wars Medicom R2D2 light off Medicom Star Wars R2D2 Remove Head Star Wars Medicom R2D2O battery bank Medicom R2D2 Star Wars need 2 AAA battery
Medicom Star Wars R2D2 Front LED R2D2 Star Wars Medicom Light Up R2D2 Medicom Star Wars Back LED light R2-D2 Medicom Star Wars Top LED light

Medicom R2D2 builds in light up feature. The batteries bank is built in the R2D2 head. You just need two AAA batteries, and then you can turn on the R2D2 LED light. Here I show the R2D2 photos after the LEN lights are turned on.

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