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Movie: A Nightmare on ELM Street -Dream Warriors 3
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Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare on ELM Street - Sideshow
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by Hector
4 stars
2015-08-04 20:11:55
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by Mickael
1 stars
2015-08-04 05:08:43
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by Nikolay
10 stars
2014-07-01 06:19:17
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by Khushii
10 stars
2013-07-08 05:20:38
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by Kieran
10 stars
2013-07-06 11:49:25
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by Willie
1 stars
2013-07-05 23:43:26
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by wkeqscgwo
8 stars
2013-04-12 06:36:38
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by zqkeuyxsdm
7 stars
2013-04-10 06:04:36
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by Marel
2 stars
2013-04-09 08:05:44
These picees really set a standard in the industry.
by Yuta
9 stars
2013-04-09 04:12:21
This was basic and flat. The movie not the review. In the oaniigrl Freddy was more spooky with shadows and effects. In here he was just him. They should have pushed the envelope more in the nightmares. Wasn't scary surroundings, nor imaginative. *sighs*
by Tahir
6 stars
2012-10-15 03:05:42
The bit that I'm excited about sieeng them do is to actually FILM the chase, and subsequent burning to death of Freddy Kruger. The rest of the series INFORMS you of this occurrence. You're told about it, and Kruger's PTSD kicks in with a serious fire phobia. It's apparently he's one serious weakness (though fire seems to work on almost anything, admittedly). But I don't (and I may be forgetting it in one of the newer flicks) remember ever actually SEEING the total event. Maybe a clip or two. A f....
by Hader
2 stars
2012-10-13 04:16:04
Nit picky stuff aside (the ever whitening tsrhit syndrome being one and the bad makeup effects another) this was actually not as horible as I feared it would be. But I think I know exactly what you mean Roth when you imply something is missing in regards to the campy-ness. The funny quips are there, especially more towards the end of the movie, but it doesn't land like it did in the original series. I think it is because of how they developed Freddy. He used to be this guy who killed teens in th....
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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